When can I register?

You can register four times per year – see Registration for dates.


Do you supply TTC tokens for students?

No. We are unable to provide TTC tokens to our students


Do you have night school / summer school?

Neither night school or summer school is held at Yorkdale, but as a Yorkdale student, we can help you sign up for these programs.


Can I study part time?

Yes, you can take any schedule that best meets you needs.


Who is EdVance for?

  • Students who are between 18 and 20 years old.
  • Students who have been away from school for at least one semester.
  • Students who are committed and serious about learning.


Does age matter?

Yes. You must be between the ages of 18-20 years old to be eligible for our EdVance Program.


Do you offer ESL classes?

Yes, we are happy to offer ESL classes to better meet the needs of our students.


Is there a daycare on site?

Yes, there is a daycare on site. It is not affiliated with our school. You need to contact Children’s Services to request a spot in any of their Toronto daycare programs.


What other services are on site?

As an EdVance student you have the opportunity to:

  • Take advantage of PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) and have the opportunity to earn credits for knowledge and skills acquired outside of the classroom. See the PLAR section for more info.
  • Enjoy a free meal program available everyday.
  • Enjoy small class sizes which are conducive to learning.
  • Work with teachers who are dedicated and caring.
  • Have ongoing support from guidance counselors and a youth worker.


Do you offer University level courses?

Yes, we do offer University Level courses in our EdVance Program


When can I get an attendance letter for my social worker?

Attendance letters will only be given out after the first two weeks of each quad have been completed. Letters will not be given out before that time.


Do you accept international VISA students?

Yes, if you are an international VISA student, age 18 or older, you can register for classes here at Yorkdale.