Quad 1 Registration will begin June 10th!

Registration for Q1, for classes beginning in September 2020 will begin, online, on June 10th

A link to register and details will be posted here June 10th

Classes may be in-person, online, or a hybrid of both depending on the COVID-19 situation. Students who require an assessment may have to wait until August 31 to register. EdVance classes (age 18 to 20) start September 8

Thank you for your interest in Yorkdale.

The TDSB is now allowing students into the school building to retrieve personal belongings from their lockers. At Yorkdale, this process will start on June 15 from 9am to 3:00pm until the end of Friday June 19. Please follow the schedule by last name below. Time in the school should be limited to about 15 minutes. Please enter (and exit) the school by the front doors. Social distancing and safety measures must be followed (eg. wear a mask if you have one). You may also hand in textbooks at the kiosk in the main foyer. Adult students can get their $100 book deposit refund but we would prefer that you do this at a later date. If you plan to return to Yorkdale in the fall, then you don’t need your book deposit refund at this time. If you don’t absolutely need to come to school, then please don’t! Thank you and stay safe.

Monday: Last name A to D

Tuesday: Last name E to I

Wednesday: Last name J to N

Thursday: Last name O to S

Friday: T to Z

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Important links:

Ministry of Education’s Learning at Home

Student Learning Resources

Toronto District School Board

Mental Health and Well-Being Resources

Yorkdale Secondary School

Our EdVance Program is a specialized quadmestered high school for students between 18 to 20 years of age.  We welcome students who are new to Canada, as well as students who are in need of a fresh start, or looking to upgrade for post-secondary goals.  EdVance is an intensive and highly personal full-time program.  Students in our EdVance Program are committed and serious about learning.  Our specialized teachers and support staff help our students build self-confidence as they develop their academic skills, and we strive to meet all of our students’ needs, academically, socially, and emotionally.  If a student’s goal is to graduate and enter the workforce, or pursue college or university opportunities, our EdVance Programs helps them reach their goals.  We offer a wide range of subjects that balance a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy. In addition, Co-operative Education placements provide real-world tests of a student’s abilities and maturity.

Yorkdale Secondary School students have a great opportunity to earn credits fast – up to 12 credits in just one year, and at the same time, can take advantage of PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) to earn credits for knowledge and skills acquired outside of the classroom.  Our students enjoy a free nutrition break every lunch, intramural sports, field trips, small class sizes, dedicated and caring teachers, plus guidance counselors, social worker, spec.ed coordinator, and child/youth counselor to provide ongoing support.

Enrolment is limited!!!