Registration Information


Yorkdale EdVance is for students 18-20 years old. You can earn up to 3 credits in 9 weeks. We run on a quad system.

Registration dates

Quad 1 runs September – November, registration begins in August

Quad 2 runs November – February, registration begins in October

Quad 3 runs February – April, registration begins January 17

Quad 4 runs April – June, registrations begins March 28

Please review the following documents before registering.

Current Course Selection

Understanding your pathway

Course Descriptions

Timetable Information

Classes run Monday – Friday   

Period 1 is from 8:25-10:25 am 

Period 2 is from 10:35-12:35 pm 

Period 3 is from 1:35-3:35 pm

Attendance Policy

Classes run Monday-Friday at their designated times and attendance is required whether the course is in-person or online.  Yorkdale’s courses are NOT Independent Study courses. This means you must attend the in-person or online classes, or you will be removed from the course.