Registration Dates

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Course Model:

Every day (Monday – Friday)
Per. 1  8:25 – 10:25 Course selection 1
(student choice: in-person/ live virtual EXCEPT ESL and all HANDS ON courses are in-person only
Per. 2  10:35 – 12:35 Course selection 2
(student choice: in-person/live virtual EXCEPT ESL and all HANDS ON courses are in-person only
Lunch  12:35 – 1:35 Students are to make their way home
Per. 3  1:35 – 3:35 Course selection 3
(LIVE virtual)


When choosing your courses for Periods 1 and 2, please indicate the preferred format for each course (IN-PERSON or ONLINE); however, please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that students will be enrolled in the format of their choice

The course delivery may run using the most popular mode (either in-person or online) based on the preference of the majority of the students who select the class. For example, if more students select IN-PERSON for a class, then the whole class may be in person.  But if more students select ONLINE, the whole class may become online.  

Period 3 is automatically a fully virtual LIVE online course, running Monday to Friday, from 1:35-3:35.

ONLINE: LIVE online/virtual classes

Classes run Monday-Friday at their designated times and attendance is required whether the course is in-person or online.  Yorkdale’s courses are NOT  Independent Study courses. This means you must attend the in-person or online classes, or you will be removed from the course. 

Period 1 is from 8:25-10:25 every day (Monday – Friday)
Period 2 is from 10:35-12:35 every day (Monday – Friday)
Period 3 is from 1:35-3:35 every day (Monday – Friday)