If you are 18 – 20 years old, you may be eligible for the Grade 9 and 10 Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Individual Assessment/Equivalency Process. This is a process for the purpose of granting up to 16 Grade 9 and 10 credits through the completion of individual subject-based assessments in order to earn equivalent credits. You may be eligible for the PLAR Advantage Program offered through Continuing Education if you are:

  • 18 to 20 years of age
  • have been out of school or have attended school outside of Ontario, or Canada
  • can work independently and are highly motivated

What is the Grade 9 and 10 Individual Assessment/ Equivalency Process?
The process will involve one of the following:

  • review and analysis of transcripts, or
  • review and analysis of transcripts and completion of individual assessments, or
  • completion of individual assessments

How is the individual assessment process done?

  • Students are required to successfully complete an individual assessment in some or all of Canadian Geography/History, English, Mathematics, and Science
  • The individual assessment will involve a written component
  • The individual assessment results are a “pass/ fail” assessment

How many credits can be granted in the Grade 9 and 10 individual assessment/ equivalency process?

  • A maximum of 16 Grade 9 and 10 equivalent credits can be granted through this process
  • These equivalent credits will involve both compulsory and elective credits

How do I complete the individual assessment/equivalency process?

  • Through participation in the PLAR Advantage Program students use independent learning materials to prepare for the assessments which will be offered several times annually

How do I register?

  • See Vasilia, in the main office for an application package