Physical Education

At Yorkdale Secondary School we focus on the development of a personalized approach to Healthy Active Living in all our gym classes.  All students participate in a variety of recreational activities and sports such as Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Football & Baseball.  All of these activities and sports have the potential to engage your interests at school and at home and you might find yourself adopting one or more of these sports and recreational activities into your personal life.  Of course safety is also a major concern and you can count on a safe environment.  Anyone who poses a risk to themselves or others will be asked not to participate.  You will also have the opportunity to implement a personal physical fitness plan and measure your progress.  In addition, you will be given the opportunity to refine your mental health, conflict resolution skills and relationships with others in the classroom while examining issues such as healthy eating, substance abuse and healthy sexuality.  Unfortunately “street clothes” are not appropriate for involvement in gymnasium activities therefore all students will be required to change into clothing (shorts/t-shirt) and running shoes appropriate for vigorous activity.  Finally, proper etiquette is something we require in all our classes from all our students.  Sportsmanship, leadership and a mature attitude are characteristics we expect from all our students.

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Intramural Sports

All Yorkdale Secondary School students are invited to join our drop-in athletic activity period during lunch time.  Different activities such as Basketball, Volleyball the Soccer are offered to keep you active and fit. Everyone is welcomed no matter what skill level. We have a spot for rookies and so called “professionals”.  Sportsmanship and proper etiquette is always expected from all participants and safety rules need to be observed at all times.  If anyone can not meet our sportsmanship and safety expectations, unfortunately they will not be permitted to participate.