Health and Well-being

Food and Nutrition

At Yorkdale we offer Cooking and Nutrition courses that provide students with hands on experience preparing healthy, budget friendly food.  If you would like more information on preparing healthy food there are a number of cookbooks in our library.  The Canada Food Guide has also produced an app that can help you make healthy food choices, for more information click here

Sexual Health

Maintaining healthy relationships is an important part of adult life. At Yorkdale we provide workshops to help students understand healthy relationships and can help you find clinics to access sexual health services. Feel free to visit our Child and Youth Counselor, Patricia in room 155 for more information or if you have immediate sexual health questions,  click here

Stress Management

As the quad system can be demanding the teachers and staff at Yorkdale provide a number of opportunities for students to develop new stress management techniques. Whether it is joining our yoga class, working out in West 38 Performance Lab or joining one of our many clubs or intramurals, Yorkdale has a lot of resources for helping manage stress. Edvance students who are struggling to cope with stress are encouraged to visit Patricia in room 155. If you need some quick tips, click here