Diploma Requirements

Diploma Requirements And Granting of Equivalency Credits

To obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.), a student needs to earn 30 credits including 18 compulsory credits.  A credit is earned by attending 90 hours of instruction and obtaining a mark of at least 50% on work completed in the course.  PLEASE NOTE:  To be successful in subsequent courses or higher education, a mark of 70% is often needed, so students should work toward grades higher than 50%.

Adults are eligible for equivalency credits which allow them to earn a diploma without completing 30 credit courses.  Equivalency credits are granted for life experience, work experience, studies completed outside Ontario, training courses, volunteer work, etc.  Students can apply to be awarded these credits after completing one Senior English (grade 11 or 12) at Yorkdale.  A math assessment or a math credit is required as a component of this equivalency evaluation.

Students who began high school in Ontario after February 1, 2004:

  • Apply for “PLAR” – Prior Learning Assessment and Review
  • Successful completion of Ontario Literacy Course or Provincial Test is REQUIRED
  • Successful completion of 18 compulsory credits including 4 English and 3 math credits
  • Successful completion of 40 volunteer hours in the community