Q: When can I register?

A:  You can register four times per year – click here

Q: How much does it cost? School fees are waived for 2020/21 school year

A: The  activity fee is $30 (payable upon registration): $5.00 for Student Agenda, $15.00 for Celebrations (grad, student awards, year end BBQ, etc.), $10.00 for Special Events (guest speakers, field trips, etc.), The book deposit is refundable.  It is $100 for the year.

Q: Are there other costs?

A:  Each of the professional programs charges a materials fee.  These vary.  Hairstyling, Childcare Assistant, Personal Trainer, PSW

Q: How many hours are there per day?

A: There are three periods per day, two hours each.  New students may take two courses per day (2 hours).  Returning students may take up to 3 courses per day (6 hours).

Q: Do you have night school/summer school?

A: Neither night school nor summer school is held at Yorkdale, but you may sign up for night school and summer school courses with the TDSB.

Q: Can I study part time?

A: Yes!  You may take one, two or three courses (2, 4 or 6 hours).  You are expected to be in class every day, Monday to Friday, for the full 2 hours, so do not try to take more than you can realistically handle.

Q: Do I earn credits?

A: Yes.  Each successfully completed 2 hour course (90 hours of study) will lead to one credit.

Q: Who can come to Yorkdale?

A:  Anyone who is at least 21 years of age by the time classes begin and is a Canadian citizen, a Permanent Resident or a Refugee with a valid Study Permit may attend Yorkdale. Students under 21 and with an OSSD may be eligible.

Q: Does age matter?

A: You must be at least 21 or already have your OSSD.  Students under 21 can enroll in our Ed-Vance Program Click here for more info.

Q: What if I’m not ready for grade 9?

A: If your assessment test shows that you are not ready for Grade 9, you will be referred to a LBS (Literacy and Basic Skills) Program in the neighbourhood or near you home.

Q: What if I cannot speak English well?

A:   If your English is not fluent enough for secondary school courses, you may be referred to an ESL – Link Program in the community or near your home.

Q: What are your requirements for admission?

A:  You must show a recent transcript (less than 5 years old) showing completion of Ontario high school credits.  If you do not have a transcript from Onatrio, or your transcript is old, you will be asked to write an English and Math assessment to determine your level.

Q: Is there a daycare on site?

A: Yes, there is a daycare on site.  It is not affiliated with our school.  You need to contact Start Right Day Care to request a spot in any of their Toronto daycare programs.

Q: What other services are on site?

A: There is a wonderful cafeteria. The school has a Resource Centre where you can access print materials and use computers.