ADA1O:  English Speaking Skills for ESL Students, Grade 9, Open
This course is designed for adult ESL students working at the introductory level. The focus of the course will be language acquisition and the activities will offer students opportunities to practice grammatical structures and vocabulary from their ESL classes.  Problem solving, constructing, negotiating, communicating and reflecting are skills that are incorporated into the lessons.  By working in both real and imaginary worlds, students will become better listeners, talkers, questioners and creators.
ESLBO:  English as a Second Language – Level 2, Open
This course expands students’ essential communication skills and cultural knowledge.  It also introduces the language of the classroom studies.  Students will develop oral classroom skills and reading strategies, expand their vocabulary and use more complex sentence patterns. They will also learn how to use some school and community resources.  This will be done in a safe and friendly environment.
ESLCO:  English for School and Work – Level 3, Open
The aim of this course is to improve students’ oral fluency and communication through group work and presentations.  Short stories are used to increase vocabulary skills. Elements of a short story help to introduce students to novel study in the next level.  Writing skills will focus on using a variety of sentence patterns and transition words and phrases to express ideas in one paragraph.  Students will be using the elements of English grammar.
ELS2O:  Literacy Skills – Grade 10, Open
The ELS2O course is designed to help students improve their reading and writing skills.  In addition to ongoing studies in English grammar, students will read from a variety of sources.  An important focus will be on writing clear, accurate and coherent paragraphs using correct grammar and punctuation. Students need to complete this course in order to be successful in ESLDO.
ESLDO:  Study Skills in English – Level 4, Open
ESLDOY is an advanced course which allows students to concentrate on grammar to increase accuracy in speaking and writing.  Through the reading of short stories, vocabulary will increase.  A novel is studied and a group oral presentation on the novel is required.  Writing skills will focus on using a variety of sentence patterns and transitions to express ideas in passages of four paragraphs.  The essay form will be introduced.
EPS30:  Presentation and Speaking Skills – Grade 11, Open
EPS3O is a speaking and listening course designed for students who want to improve their communication skills in spoken English.  Students will learn various strategies for improving their communication and at the same time they will expand their vocabulary, gain confidence in their ability to express themselves and learn to work with partners and in small groups.  Students who enroll in this course should have completed ESLCO.
ESLEO:  ESL Transition to English – Level 5, Open
This course is a literature course designed for students of English as a Second Language.  It is a prerequisite for Grades 11 and 12 English.  The main focus in this course is on reading, speaking and writing about literature. Students will develop their literacy skills by reading short stories, essays and a novel. They will concentrate on reading strategies, vocabulary development and literary analysis.  The focus in writing development will be on writing a variety of paragraphs and essays.  Proper grammar structures will be emphasized.  Finally students will enhance their speaking skills by taking part in group discussions and making oral presentations.