Course Offerings and Learning Model for 2021-22

Course Model:

Classes run Monday to Friday and attendance is required for all classes during class times. Yorkdale’s courses are not Independent Study courses. This means you must attend all classes, or you will be removed from the course.

Class Times: Course 1 and 2 alternate between 8:25-11:25 classes and 12:35-1:35 classes. Course 3 is always 1:35-3:35.

Online or Hybrid:

HYBRID: a mix of in-person and synchronous/live online classes

ONLINE: synchronous/live online classes

At this time, Courses 1 and 2 are listed as either HYBRID or ONLINE; however, we cannot guarantee that students will be enrolled in the format of their preference.

The course delivery may run using the most popular mode (either hybrid or online) based on the preference of the majority of the students who select the class. For example, if more students select HYBRID for a class, then the whole class may be hybrid. But if more students select ONLINE, the whole class may become online.

Course 3 is a fully online course, Monday to Friday, from 1:35-3:35.

See our tentative course offerings on the right or at this link:

To take certain courses, you must have the appropriate pre-requisites as well. See here for more information on that.

Please note: Specialty Programs are in-Person everyday