Computer Courses

Information Technology in Business


BTT2O: Introduction to Information Technology in Business, Grade 10, Open

This course introduces students to the use of information technology in the business environment.  Students will learn how to use information technology in a work environment, perform electronic research, communicate electronically and use Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  They will establish a foundation for using information technology throughout secondary school and will develop the ability to apply new technologies in their search for employment.  A broad understanding of the effects of technology on business will also be developed through a variety of activities.  Students will have opportunities to develop interpersonal skills and a personal portfolio of Information Technology skills and competencies.

Prerequisite: None


BTA3O: Information & Communication Technology: Digital Environment, Grade 11, Open

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop the information technology skills and knowledge required in a business.  Students will learn about the information technology work environment and will use industry-standard software. Using a hands-on approach, students will further develop information and communication technology skills through the use of common business software applications.  The skills developed in this course will prepare students for success in the workplace and/or post-secondary studies.

Prerequisite: BTT2O


BTX4E: Information & Communication Technology, Grade 12, Workplace Preparation

This course provides students with the opportunity to further develop essential workplace skills in information and communication technology while working in a team environment. Using a project-based approach, students will focus on integrating software applications and applying multimedia software features. Students will expand their understanding of e-business and e-commerce environments and workplace ethics. This course will prepare students for a successful transition from secondary school to the workplace.

Prerequisite: BTA3O