About Yorkdale

Did you know?

Yorkdale Adult Learning Centre is one of the largest credit granting adult day schools in the GTA with over 2000 students enrolled each term.

    • Yorkdale is a day school offering: credits toward your high school diploma  (OSSD)
    • Upgrading for entrance into university and college
    • Workplace training and certificate

School Calendar 

There are 4 quads (or terms) in the school year

Quad 1:         September – November

Quad 2:         November – February

Quad 3:         February – April

Quad 4:         April – June


Daily Class Schedule (pre-covid)  Click Here to see the current model being used

All classes are two hours a day, Monday to Friday. You may take 1, 2 or 3 classes per day depending on your personal schedule. Each two hour class is one credit.  Students are expected to be present every day.

Period 1:      8:25 am  – 10:25 am

Period 2:     10:35 am – 12:35 pm

Lunch:        wonderful cafeteria on site

Period 3:     1:15 pm –  3:15 pm


Fees for Yorkdale Registration (waived during Covid)

Debit or Credit cards only please

$30.00 activity fee due at registration (debit or credit) includes:

  1. $5.00 Student Agenda
  2. $10.00 Special Event
  3. $20.00 Celebration

$100.00 book deposit – valid for the school year and refundable when students complete or withdraw from our programs. Refunds expire one year after leaving (not applicable for Hairstyling, PSW).

What courses / programs does Yorkdale offer? Click here

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