Nutrition Certificate Program

Nutrition Certificate Program – Tuition Free





Yorkdale’s Nutrition Certificate has a focus on sports nutrition and is an integrated  part of the  Personal Trainer Program but can be take as a stand alone certificate for those who interested in a career as a Personal Trainer or nutrition staff member.

Students will study the relationship between calories and energy; balancing carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in a healthy eating plan; selecting healthy ingredients and preparation methods; the importance of vitamins and minerals; daily water and fluid intake; nutritional needs for men and women.

Yorkdale’s Nutrition Certificate consists of  2 parts:

Part 1 : (PSK4U)  the study of Anatomy and Physiology (90 hours, Monday to Friday 10:35pm-12:35 pm, 2 hours)

Part 2: (HFA4U)  the study of the the body’s nutritional needs. (90 hours, Monday to Friday 10,35 am-12:35 pm, 2 hours)

You will:

  • Earn a Nutrition Certificate
  • Earn 2 senior credits towards the OSSD

Costs associated with this program:

  • Activity Fee                            $30.00
  • Refundable book deposit $100.00
  • Food handling certificate $75.00