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Pathway to Practical Nursing at George Brown College

Pathway to Practical Nursing

 The Pathway Program: 



The August intake is the last intake for the Pathway Program at Yorkdale ALC. 

City Adult Learning Centre will be taking students in November for entrance into GBC in May 2018.  Please see CALCs website for details. 


(This is not a pathway from PSW to Practical Nursing please contact the college directly.  Students who have completed a pre health program at one of the college will not be accepted unless they have the high school prerequisites listed below)

Students will take a variety of  elective courses at YALC that will give them advanced standing in first and second semester of courses in the Health Sciences department at GBC.  This will reduce the workload in the first two semesters.  Successful students will articulate directly to GBC’s first semester. The Pathway Program starts twice a year in August and February. 
“Having done the pathway at YALC beforehand eased me into the college life and gave me the tools I needed to be successful. I did not feel overwhelmed due to preparedness of the YALC program and I had a few courses which I was exempted from which allowed me to concentrate on the difficult subjects. The material covered in YALC was almost similar to the material taught in GBC, which was a great refresher. For example, in YALC I took math but forgot the basic principles however, I was able to regain my math skills without using a calculator. There is another course offered at YALC called Healthcare – which is a combined course with math – and it helped me familiarize myself with medical terminology. Although, I did not get an exemption for this course in GBC, however I found myself breezing through it when I took math/pharmacology – which is crucial because the pass rate for that specific course is 80%. I truly believe that YALC has allowed me to reach my goals by entering the PN program and gave me the knowledge and confidence as I begin my journey as a nursing student. “


Pathway Program:

Information Session Powerpoint:  infosessionpathway1617

Click on the link to go to the George Brown website for more information on programs.

  YALC students will:

  •  Study the following subjects:
    • Anatomy
    • Chemistry
    • Lifespan Development*
    • Nutrition*
    • Speaking With Confidence*
    • Math/Healthcare

(*  these elective courses are granted advanced standing at the college and are mandatory. There is no advanced standing given for courses already completed)

  • Earn 6 credits towards their OSSD

Admission & Testing Requirements: 

 Prerequisites are mandatory.

All courses must be at the College or University Level.

  • Math Grade 11(MCF3M, MCR3U) or any Grade 12 Math (70% or higher)
  • Biology Grade 11 or 12   (70% or higher) 
  • English Grade 12  (70% or higher)
  • Chemistry Grade 11 or 12  (70% or higher)

Prerequisites must have been completed within the last five years.  Under 21 years of age OSSD required.  Foreign Documents are not accepted. (Please apply directly through the college).  If you have or are currently enrolled in the prerequisites and they will be finished by August 28, 2017 please email:

How Do I Apply for Pathway to Practical Nursing ?

  • Attend an Information Session at Yorkdale (strongly recommended)
  • Complete educational admissions requirements.  Submit Ontario transcript or equivalent educational documentation prior to testing
  • Submit acceptable Canadian Status documents (Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Convention Refugee with Study Permit)
  • Write assessment test (writing sample and interview

Costs of the Pathway Program

  • No tuition fee at YALC
  • $40.00 activity fee, $100.00 refundable book deposit
  • Other fees may be required by GBC depending on the program.  Fees may include:
    • resource text (approx $150.00),
    • criminal reference check ($15.00-$40.00),
    • CPR & First Aid certification($107.35), completed health record ($100.00)
    • mask fitting ($20.00).
    • These fees are NOT paid to YALC
  • OSAP is NOT available while at YALC



Important dates 2017/18:

Date Time Cost Required Documents/Other
 Information Sessions  

May 17, 2017


 1:30 pm (in the cafeteria) No cost Attendance at an Information Session is highly recommended for admission prior to the test on Assessment Day.  Bring documents to be checked:1.Status in Canada document:  Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident or Convention Refugee with Study Permit  (refugee claimants are not eligible to write test)

2. Ontario/Canadian Education Transcript.  Prerequisite courses must have been completed within the last 5 years.


Assessment Day (Writing sample and interview) TBA  


June 7, 2017

Education Record Check obtained must be shown in order to write assessment. Bring: Health Card, pens, pencils, water, snack
Registration and pick up Orientation Package TBA $140.00 $40.00 Registration$100.00 Refundable book deposit fee
  Classes begin August 28 2017 8:15 am
 Students to GBC January 2018

 Email address: