Fast Forward: Business I.T. (FFBIT) is a Free 10 month Business/Computer Information Technology certificate program to prepare students for the work force or college. Registration for this FREE program is September.

Upon Completion:

  • Total of 12 credits in 10 months
  • Fast Forward: Business I.T. certificate recognized by employers and colleges
  • Option of certification in A+ and Cisco CCENT
  • Entry level requirements for any I.T. position
  • Discount certification vouchers available

FFBIT’s 12 credit certificate program structure:

  • 5 months intensive business and computer course work in-school
  • 5 months in a cooperative education placement in a professional work environment
  • 6 hours/day (8:25am-3:15pm)

Eligibility Requirements:

  • 18 compulsory courses required for high school graduation in Ontario (This program will satisfy some or all of the elective courses required for high     school graduation)


  • OSSD

Quad 1
TET3E (Computer Technology)
BBI2O (Introduction to Business)
ICS2O (Web programming-HTML & Java script)

Quad 2
TEN3M (Computer Networking-Level 1)
BDV4C (Entrepreneurship: Venture Planning in an Electronic Age)
BTX4C (Information and Communication Technology: Multimedia Solutions)

Quads 3 & 4
6 Co-operative Education credits